‘Curb’ returns

Glad to hear ‘Curb’ is coming back for another series! But what if it’s actually pretty disappointing? Whacha gonna do then, Lar?

Anyway, we haven’t got Sky Atlantic, so I probably won’t get to see it for ages, if at all. I still haven’t even got round to watching the last series of ‘Peep Show’ and it’s possible I never will. Sigh.

James Andrew Miller’s Origins will see Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Ted Danson discussing the comedy institution.

via New podcast to explore the cringeworthy origins of Curb Your Enthusiasm — Consequence of Sound



Saw this on Sunday – got there just in time before it closes this weekend. Phew!

Everyone knows the Great Wave. The print itself is the most reproduced image in the world – appearing on everything from pencils to coffee mugs, and street art to drums. And the wave is reused endlessly, to illustrate our vulnerability to the power of nature (and nature’s vulnerability to us), the storms of the global…

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This is Andrew Marr talking about having lunch with politicians:

On rare occasions, the story is so good, with so much detail or such strong quotes, that a short visit to the loo to jot notes down on a paper napkin is needed. Few pleasures on this little green planet are so glorious as tucking a real story into your breast pocket and returning for some cheese and a final glass of claret.

Is it really as ‘glorious’ as all that? Either ‘Andy’ is overstating this a bit, or he needs to get out more (hopefully he has done since he started doing less journalism). That’s is the funny thing about journalists – they are so excitable, like children. I suppose they wouldn’t be journalists otherwise. You can’t keep telling readers/viewers how boring everything is.