I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One

Great album. ‘Autumn Sweater’ is one of my all-time favourites.



Pleasantly surprised to see Superorganism on ‘Later’ on Tuesday, having discovered them on Soundcloud the other week. Well done chaps! Love the macs.

Hope we get to see a performance of ‘It’s All Good’ on the longer version of the programme tomorrow

Sun In Your Eyes

I was too tired to enjoy Grizzly Bear the other evening. When you arrive at a gig late and stand at the back, you feel strangely alienated from proceedings; the sound is rubbish, it’s too hot, your mind wanders, you want to stand somewhere else but it’s too packed, you want to sit down, you wonder why you bothered. By the time I got into it, they were playing their last song. It was the only one I really enjoyed. Still a great band though.

Grizzly Bear – Sun In Your Eyes from Mariano Moreno on Vimeo.

Booker shortlist

I’m staggered that Paul Auster’s latest book has made it onto the Booker shortlist. ‘4321’ is just yet another rehash of his favourite themes – New York, France, baseball, writing and films. Oh, and shagging (including gay shagging), which he seems to write about more and more these days. The only difference with his other recent books is that this one is about four times as long. I have read almost everything he has ever published, but he really tested my loyalty with this one!


Update: I agree with much of the review in the New Yorker, especially this bit (apart from ‘occasionally splendid’):

Sprawling, repetitive, occasionally splendid, and just as often exasperating, “4 3 2 1” is never quite dull, but it comes too close to tedium too often; there is no good reason for this novel to be eight hundred and sixty-six pages long, or for every Archie’s love of baseball and movies and French poetry to be rhapsodized over, or for every major headline of the nineteen-fifties and sixties to come under review.

Also agree vehemently with the reviewer’s statement that ‘Oracle Night’ is the best of his recent books.

The Shouty Track

Good to hear this was on The Chain yesterday – shame I missed it!

I’ve always loved the fact that the signpost in the video points towards Tamworth and Hinckley, clearly situating the (somewhat surreal) action in my neck of the woods…

^ From talking to shouting…

via 6838. Lemon Jelly – 79 Aka The Shouty Track — The Chain

It’s still pretty much my life’s ambition to get something on The Chain… maybe one day…